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LPX Nymph

Balanced, sensible & connective

Guideline LPX Nymph is packed with high-end features and components that will satisfy the most demanding euro-nymphing anglers. Thanks to our C.A.P M4.0™ advanced blank construction technology, these rods are incredibly light for their length (78g for a 10'8 #3) and have an action that takes nymph rods to the next level. The feeling is superbly sensitive, making it possible to detect even the most subtle of takes. The tip is very sensitive with gradually more power down the blank.

The different parts of the rod engage very smoothly as you put more power into them. This makes fighting bigger fish more effective yet maintaining protection of the finest tippets. The recovery is at top level, fast and rigid with no vibrations and great stability in all directions. This ensures unparalleled precision when casting your nymph rig and creates that good feeling of beeing connected with the whole rod. The light in hand feeling, fantastic balance and low swing weight will give you great times on the river for long hours of static, fishing holding that tip high.

Guideline LPX Chrome

Strong, light & stable

The advanced carbon layup in these rods features C.A.P M4.0™ Technology (Complex Axial Pattern) paired with a unidirectional carbon fiber structure for maximum strength and stability in all directions, as well as low weight.

To lower the weight further, LPX Nymph is equipped with lightweight titanium stripping guides. For a firm and comfortable grip, we use Super grade cork, which also provides sublime aesthetics to the rod. The custom-designed reel seats have premium wood inserts with an engraved "Nymph logo”. Metal parts are hard anodized in matte finish to avoid throwing flashes from sunlight. The same goes for the natural grey blanks, with dark green wrappings and light golden metallic trims.

The larger, spiral pattern on the blanks reduces line sticking, and by placing the first stripping guide very close to the grip, we avoid line sag and lost control during line management. There is a snake guide next to the tip guide, to reduce tangle and line wrapping around guides and blanks.

Guideline LPX Chrome

The Rod line

10'2" #3: Primary use is small to medium sized rivers, a very light and sensitive rod model that is the most versatile of the three. A great rod for all-round nymphing and it is highly capable to cast a regular fly lines as well.

10'8" #3: This model is a pure euronymph rod that handles all types of flies with ease. The length gives great control on the drifts in any size river.

10'2" #4: This rod is for largest fish and the demand for more power to fight these effective. Yet, it still has good protection of fine tippets and great sensitivity.

Guideline LPX Chrome

Eco features

The LPX Series is a result of years spent on research and sourcing to achieve a greener flyrod, from both the components to the production. We have significally reduced the amount of dangerous chemicals. For example by using low VOC epoxies for assembly and rod coating. The rods are made using our GL ECO-Tech™ production technique where we avoid grinding the blanks, which normally produces harmful dust at the production facility. It also gives you the structured surface finish on the rod, with added strength as a result.

The stripping guides are made out of titanium, and for the single leg guides, we use a gun smoke powder coat finish on a stainless frame instead of chrome plating, to get rid of lead.

The rod tubes have a lower diameter and are made with PP (Polypropylene) and recycled polyester tube fabric. The same fabric is used as well for the rod bag.

Guideline LPX Nymph Guideline LPX Nymph Guideline LPX Nymph Guideline LPX Nymph Guideline LPX Nymph Guideline LPX Nymph

Available models

#3 Single hand (4pc) 10'2" 75 g 7-9 g / 110-140 grains
#4 Single hand (4pc) 10'2" 77 g 9-11 g / 140-170 grains
#3 Single hand (4pc) 10'8" 78 g 7-9 g / 110-140 grains